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  • Karen Ducey/GettySEATTLE—At a regular Tuesday night pickup hockey game in this city’s Shoreline suburb, so many tech workers arrived wearing telecommuting sweatpants instead of their slightly more formal work clothes that the players jokingly called their new look, “COVID Casual ... ”Businesses such as Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, and Salesforce have told many of their employees to work from home
  • Announcements made following coronavirus guidance from Washington state officials instructing workplaces to allow employees to work remotelyAs the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread across Washington state, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook have advised their Seattle-area employees to work from home for the next few weeks ... Related: Coronavirus: Google leads tech charge to work from home Continue reading
  • New tax proposal by the socialist city council member would affect about 825 companies and is expected to raise $300m each yearJust a few months after going head-to-head with an Amazon-backed rival to claim her third term on the Seattle city council, Kshama Sawant has proposed a new tax on the trillion dollar giant and other large Seattle businesses, which she says will “stop at nothing” to try to defeat progressive proposals like this one ... The proposal, which was unveiled last week, would involve a 1
  • An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Wall Street Journal: Hospitals have granted Microsoft, IBM and Amazon the ability to access identifiable patient information under deals to crunch millions of health records, the latest examples of hospitals" growing influence in the data economy ... This breadth of access wasn"t always spelled out by hospitals and tech giants when the deals were struck