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  • Review led by Ed Miliband tasked with suggesting ways the party might find a path to powerGimmicky policies, horrible inefficiency and factional promotions are among the catalogue of errors behind Labour’s dismal performance at the general election, according to party members ... The damning comments on Labour’s campaign form part of an early release of views gathered by a team headed by the former party leader Ed Miliband consisting of MPs, union leaders and party members
  • As part of our Inside Labour series, we look at how the grassroots movement will fare after party’s disastrous election defeatThere are two stand-out memories of the winter general election for Charlie Macnamara ... First, the 25-year-old Momentum member’s data sheets melting to illegible shreds in the rain while knocking on doors
  • The race to succeed Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Labour party has been narrowed to five candidates this week ... Political editor Heather Stewart looks at the challenge ahead for the party as it faces five more years of opposition
  • ‘As Labour picks itself up, dusts itself down and decides who will replace Mr Corbyn at its helm in the spring, it must at all costs avoid succumbing to sectarian temptations ... ’Photograph: PAIn the lead-up to Monday’s announcement of the rules and timetable of Labour’s leadership contest, there were fears that this vital process of renewal could descend into acrimony before it had properly begun
  • As the number of candidates grows, a common theme is emerging: how to reassure the party’s lost supportersLabour will need a “big personality” if it is to win back the millions of voters it lost at the election, Jess Phillips has said, as she joins an increasingly crowded field competing to succeed Jeremy Corbyn as party leader ... With Lisa Nandy and Sir Keir Starmer also declaring their candidacies this weekend, Phillips, the outspoken MP for Birmingham Yardley, says modern politics demands a blend of passion, energy and belief rooted in experience, which she believes she possesses
  • Exclusive: shadow Brexit secretary early frontrunner to succeed Jeremy CorbynKeir Starmer has emerged as an early frontrunner in the Labour leadership race to succeed Jeremy Corbyn after a poll of members suggested he was the first choice in all regions of the UK, age groups and social classes ... The shadow Brexit secretary is yet to formally launch his campaign but is expected to do so in the first few weeks of the new year