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  • US secretary of state is on visit to meet Boris Johnson on eve of BrexitThe depth of American opposition to the UK granting the Chinese telecoms firm Huawei access to its 5G network has been underlined as the US secretary of state said the the Chinese Community party represented the central threat of our times, and had front-door access to Huawei systems ... He said the US would try to work through its differences with the UK decision announced this week but stressed the US would never permit US national security information to go across networks in which the US did not have confidence
  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has introduced a new fast-track visa to attract more of the world’s best scientists to the U ... K
  • PM says solution will allow technological progress but not jeopardise US relationshipBoris Johnson has signalled that he wants Huawei to be deployed in British 5G mobile networks in defiance of US objections and widespread concern from party colleagues that doing so would create a long-term surveillance risk ... The prime minister said he would unveil a compromise plan to restrict the Chinese company’s role in 5G, although it has to be accepted by senior cabinet ministers at a crunch meeting of the national security council NSC on Tuesday
  • EU’s chief negotiator says UK agreed to checks as part of withdrawal agreementThe EU has rejected Boris Johnson’s claims that there will be no checks on goods going from Great Britain to Northern Ireland after Brexit, with Michel Barnier warning such checks are not dispensable ... Days after the prime minister said there would “emphatically” be no checks on trade across the Irish Sea, the EU’s chief negotiator told an audience in Belfast that the UK had agreed to them as part of a “creative and flexible” solution to the Irish border question
  • There have been no positive tests for a new coronavirus in Britain, Prime Minister Boris Johnson"s spokesman said on Thursday responding to reports that four patients were being tested in Scottish hospitals
  • Responding to a question on what he thought of climate activist Greta Thunberg"s criticism of his administration"s climate track record, Donald Trump replied by asking how old she was and adding: "She beat me out on Time magazine", referring to the fact the 17-year-old Swede was named Person of the Year in 2019 ... Speaking on Wednesday during his final press conference at Davos 2020, the US president said Thunberg should focus more on "other countries"Davos 2020: Donald Trump on Greta Thunberg and Boris Johnson - live updates Continue reading