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  • Andrew Yang, tech entrepreneur and founder of Venture for America, will end his campaign for president after a disappointing showing in the New Hampshire primary ... The Washington Post reports: "I am a numbers guy," Yang said in an interview before addressing supporters at Manchester"s Puritan Backroom
  • “The optics of an Asian American candidate commanding such widespread support, both in rallies and on social media, signals to aspiring Asian American politicians that there is a pathway for them,” one sociologist said
  • Justin SullivanAndrew Yang, the businessman turned presidential aspirant whose bid for the Democratic Party’s nomination became a quirky, enchanting, then politically potent phenomenon, announced Tuesday that he will end his campaign ... Yang had been hoping for a fourth-place or better finish in the Granite State, but early returns suggested that he would fall short of those expectations and the decision was made to drop out rather than continue to drain the campaign of resources
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  • The Asian American tech entrepreneur focused on the impact of automation and proposed giving every adult $1,000 a monthIn another political age, Andrew Yang’s bid for the White House would have been a fairytale that captivated pundits and Hollywood scriptwriters ... But after 2016, the idea of a man with no political or military experience running for US president is no longer novel
  • Democrat rose from obscurity to make a splash in 2020 contestSignature policy was $1,000-a-month universal basic incomeEntrepreneur Andrew Yang has dropped out of the race to become the 2020 Democratic presidential candidate, ending an upstart campaign that rose from complete obscurity to competitiveness ... Yang ended his campaign as ballots were still being counted in the New Hampshire primary on Tuesday, with early results indicating he had failed to win even 3% of the vote