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  • More claims surfaced at Friday’s meeting, where the employees announced plans for a ‘company-wide day of action’ on 1 MayWorker activists at Google held a “town hall” on Friday where they alleged that the company regularly retaliates against employees who speak out about workplace problems and announced plans for a “company-wide day of action” on 1 May ... The meeting, livestreamed for Google employees in offices around the world, was announced after two of the organizers of the November 2018 global walkout circulated a letter internally alleging they were being punished for their activism
  • [Image: Flickr: Gauthier Delecroix]Shortly after The Intercept broke the story about Google’s Dragonfly project–a censored, snooping search engine in development for the China market–engineer Jack Poulson decided it was time to leave the company ... The senior researcher and AI expert submitted an epic resignation letter in late August, just 19 days after The Intercept article, and he began speaking very publicly as more news about Dragonfly broke
  • In recent months, tech workers have signed a lot of letters to management to protest their company’s controversial contracts–from Google’s “Project Maven” AI contract with the Pentagon and Amazon’s facial recognition deals with law enforcement to Microsoft’s business services to ICE, and Salesforce’s deal with Customs and Border Protection ... But this week’s employee statement against Google’s “Dragonfly” project to provide a censored, snooping search app to China stands out for one huge reason: The signatories–about 380 at last count–have gone public