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  • But there is an area of public policy in which the government routinely gets away with oppression and discrimination that would be readily recognized as unconstitutional anywhere else: immigration law ... ” Many aspects of immigration policy are unfortunately based on a similar assumption: Immigrants have virtually no constitutional rights that the federal government is bound to respect
  • “Let’s let the courts decide whether it’s constitutional ... That’s not for Congress to decide, that’s why we have courts to make that decision,” said Representative James Clyburn, a South Carolina Democrat who had himself taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, in 2014, when President Barack Obama faced constitutional scrutiny over a forthcoming executive order protecting millions from deportation
  • The appellate court then—as is routine—sent the case back to Tigar’s court for gathering of evidence ... These motions take three forms: Applications for an “emergency stay” of a lower court’s order, bypassing the normal appeals process; petitions for “cert
  • The US Supreme Court left the future of the US asylum system uncertain Wednesday night by allowing the Trump administration to proceed with its plan to bar most asylum seekers at the southern border while a lawsuit over the rule makes its way through the courts ... A case about the legality of the rule itself is still making its way through the courts and the justices are expected to eventually weigh in