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  • Apple is reportedly talking to movie theater chains to try and get its Apple TV Plus movies shown in theaters a few weeks before they hit the streaming service ... CNET reports: Apple"s apparently hoping to attract established directors and producers to the $5-a-month service, and avoid creating industry tension like Netflix -- Martin Scorcese"s The Irishman won"t be playing in several theater chains because Netflix wouldn"t agree to the usual three-month delay between the movie"s theatrical debut and its arrival on streaming
  • At Disney"s biannual D23 Expo executives revealed that episodes on the upcoming Disney+ streaming service will follow a weekly release schedule, unlike Netflix"s binge-able season drops ... "A show like the Marvel Cinematic Universe spinoff Loki, which is slated to run approximately six hours likely meaning six episodes total will come out over the course of six weeks," reports The Verge
  • Fans eager to hear new albums first are warned they give labels extensive access to their data“Pre-saving” albums and singles is an increasingly common part of the promotional process for big music releases – but many users do not realise they are paying for that access with their personal data, a report has warned ... A pre-save is the streaming music equivalent of a pre-order: before a big release hits services such as Spotify or Apple Music, fans are encouraged to save the album to their library, ensuring it will be immediately available the second it is launched
  • Apple is a leader in the tech industry when it comes to protecting user privacy and security ... Compared to Google and Facebook, and even Microsoft and Amazon, Apple collects way less data about its users and is frequently the first to implement new security features across its software and hardware lineups
  • Apple halted sales of its shares briefly on Wednesday afternoon to announce to shareholders that it had a worse-than-expected holiday quarter ... In a letter to investors, the company said it revised down its revenue for the quarter to $84 billion from the range of $89 billion to $93 billion it had provided on November 1