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  • news network,” and Conor Climo, a Las Vegas man who plotted attacks on a synagogue and LGBT bar, give an inkling of the growing threat posed by far-right terrorists in the United States ... From the horrific attack on a mosque in Christ Church, New Zealand, to the assault on a synagogue in the German city of Halle, the movement often follows the same horrific script—live-streaming the carnage, disseminating a manifesto, comments full of tongue-in-cheek internet references—and governments are scrambling to counter this threat
  • Comedy CentralOn Monday night, with all the other late-night hosts off this week except for Kimmel, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah teed off on the latest news out of Trumpville: that the president’s decision to abandon our Kurdish allies in Northern Syria at the behest of Turkey has not only led to the Kurds being under attack, but also the escape of hundreds of ISIS prisoners they’d previously held captive ... Turkey invading, Kurds fleeing, ISIS escaping
  • The American surveillance aircraft that had been watching ISIS are now watching their own troops ... It’s a mission of necessity now that the remaining hundreds of American servicemembers in Syria have come under attack from the army of their NATO ally and the Syrian Kurds whom the U
  • Kurdish forces are claiming that hundreds of ISIS prisoners have escaped at the Ain Issa detention facility while fighting raged nearby, while two officials told the New York Times that the US military had failed to secure 60 or so high-value detainees before its forces departed ... Given the thousands of Europeans who went to fight for the Islamic State and the problems Europe has had with jihadist terrorism in general, they should be alarmed by the US abandonment of the Syrian Kurds and the possible escape of large numbers of ISIS prisoners
  • Yesterday saw multiple reports of jailbreaks from Kurdish-operated prisons and camps that contained ISIS supporters ... Kurds have fled, prisons have been left unattended, and ISIS members, including Europeans and other foreigners posing serious terrorist threats, have walked free or may walk free soon
  • Smoke from an apparent Turkish attack on the Syrian border town of Ras al-Ain on October 9, 2019 ... Though the Pentagon and White House officials later tried to clarify that the US did not support or endorse Turkey’s impending offensive, both Democratic and Republican lawmakers and former officials condemned President Trump’s decision to move troops and accused the administration of abandoning the Kurds — the US’s key partner on the ground in Syria in the fight against ISIS — and leaving them exposed to slaughter