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  • Representative Lofgren was telling senators of both parties that Trump’s response to the House investigations that led to his impeachment was not merely a middle finger raised to Democrats, but an affront to Congress as a whole ... It is crucial to understand that the general oversight power and the specific impeachment-investigation power are not mutually exclusive
  • Additionally, they claimed the House impeachment managers who argued for Trump’s removal maliciously left out facts that prove the president did not condition military aid to Ukraine on the the announcement of investigations into his political rivals ... Democratic impeachment managers have pointed, however, to testimony from other officials including acting ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor, who’s said that Sondland spoke with Ukrainian official Andriy Yermak and told him there would no aid without the investigations
  • What did Facebook expect ... The company has doubled down on its policy of allowing political ads that contain lies, explaining that it shouldn’t be in the business of evaluating ads
  • Parnas maintains that the scheme to force Ukraine to announce an investigation into Joe Biden’s family was widely known in Trump’s circle and that, as The New York Times put it, “the president was fully aware of the efforts to dig up damaging information on his behalf ... ” In an ideal world, the entire impeachment trial would be put on hold pending a thorough investigation of the new claims