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  • Dominic Valente/HuluI’m an immigrant—and I’m not alone ... Padma Lakshmi opens each episode of her new Hulu series Taste the Nation with that mantra, and it’s one that’s powering the food author and TV host during the Trump administration’s all-out war on immigrants, from the “Muslim ban” and separating children from their families at the U
  • On Monday, President Donald Trump extended a near-total ban that he had first announced in April on entry into the United States by immigrants seeking “green cards” for permanent residency ... On June 22, Trump extended the green-card ban until the end of the year, and expanded it to cover H-1B visas as well as other temporary-employment visas
  • The head of a key advocacy group expects Trump’s attacks on immigrants to worsen as his struggles mountWhen things are going bad for Donald Trump, immigrant advocates like Marielena Hincapié brace themselves for what could come next ... A constant in his chaotic presidency is how immigration is used as a cudgel, through rhetoric or policy, when nothing else seems to be working out
  • Donald Trump has been having a rough go of it in the nation’s highest court ... This week, Trump lost what is so far the biggest case of this Court term—a challenge to his termination of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, which allows Dreamers to remain, study, and work in America on renewable permits