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  • Open Technology Fund, which helped activists evade state surveillance and sidestep web censorship, sees $20m grant pulledThe Trump administration has stopped vital technical assistance to pro-democracy groups in Belarus, Hong Kong and Iran, which had helped activists evade state surveillance and sidestep internet censorship ... Related: Trump memo on Comey firing was "tinfoil helmet material", Mueller prosecutor says Continue reading
  • ShowtimeEveryone has a “Trump ... Like Cher, De Niro, or Walken, there is something distinctive about the way Donald Trump speaks that begs for impersonation, but also, it turns out, something intangible that makes a decent approximation almost impossible
  • Jeff Daniels takes on the role of former FBI director James Comey in a patchy and misguided miniseries about his much-publicised fall from graceThe Comey Rule, a new miniseries from Captain Phillips scribe Billy Ray, airing in two parts, attacks the question of “Who is James Comey ... Ray shines when working in the literal, informational sense, as he lays out the events of the months surrounding Donald Trump’s election with brisk procedural expertise