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  • ShowtimeWithout question the most anticipated sequence in The Comey Rule, filmmaker Billy Ray’s two-part miniseries chronicling former FBI Director James Comey’s bizarre encounters with—and eventual firing by—President Donald Trump, is the loyalty dinner ... 27, 2017, a week after his inauguration, Trump is said to have requested a private dinner at the White House with Comey, who as FBI director was in the process of formally investigating ties between the Trump campaign and Russia
  • Democrats are likely to quibble over its sympathetic portrayal of Comey in the TV miniseries, while Republicans may dismiss it as anti-Trump propagandaJames Comey shuffles backwards and tries in vain to blend into a curtain ... Donald Trump summons him across the room as photographers click furiously
  • Andrew Weissmann will publish memoir next week‘You could almost feel the spittle coming off the paper,’ he writes Donald Trump’s original draft statement justifying his firing of the former FBI director James Comey was “tinfoil helmet material”, according to a top prosecutor who worked for the special counsel Robert Mueller, and who in a new book calls the draft “excruciatingly juvenile, disorganized and brimming with spite, incoherent and narcissistic” ... Related: Mueller too timid in Trump-Russia investigation, top prosecutor claims Continue reading